3 habits that ruin your writing

  • April 03, 2018

If you’ve been writing long enough, you may be relying on the same crutch words and structure—and it’s making your writing predictable. Here’s how you can break...

4 Gmail extensions you must try

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If you are a user of Gmail, try these extensions, which are optional, user-installed upgrades, to improve your electronic communication.

5 reasons you need to work for yourself

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Improve your writing’s substance

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Error-free writing is ideal, but your writing must be more than just free of glaring typos and grammatical mistakes. It must also be clear—and aptly convey the message...

Reach consensus fast

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If you want 100% consensus before you make a decision, chances are you’ll be waiting a long time. Rather than trying to elicit a “Yes” from every member of your...

Get an aloof employee to collaborate

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You encourage teamwork among your staff, but no amount of preaching will help if certain workers relish their independence, bear grudges against co-workers or fear being...

Breaking the boss’s code words

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To understand what your boss means—and expects—use this handy list to decode some common phrases he or she likely uses.

Respond to vague calls for advice

  • March 20, 2018

When people ask “May I pick your brain?” it’s a compliment because they want to tap your expertise. When you’re strapped for time, it feels more like a hassle....

Tell the boss you can’t stay late

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You want to be a team player and that means staying late occasionally when the boss asks. However, if it’s a request on a day you just can’t do it—or a...

3 fail-proof networking tips

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LinkedIn has made networking easier, but it’s also made networking less personal. Stand out from the crowd by trying one of these networking tips.

Calling a time-out on the real March Madness

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Working professionals surveyed for a recent OfficeTeam poll said they spend an average of 25.5 minutes per day on sports-related activities in the office during the...

6 things you shouldn’t put in writing

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While email, text or social media may be the predominant way you communicate these days—they definitely shouldn’t be the only way you communicate. In fact, here are...