When your co-worker is a snitch

Unfortunately, some managers accept and even encourage their employees to snitch on co-workers. Even when they don’t, most workplaces have at least one tattle-tale who can’t wait to rush back to the boss and report the wrongdoings of teammates.

Often, the tattle-tale’s perception of what happened is just plain wrong. So, if you’re unlucky enough to work with a snitch, follow these tips:

Don’t give them any ammo. Snitches are going to dig for any dirt they can find. Don’t give them any. Do your job well, stay out of trouble, be ethical, and always keep the best interests of the team and organization in mind. If you are exceeding expectations and are an amazing teammate, your boss won’t believe the tattle-tale’s accusations.

Avoid revealing too much in front of them. Be polite and respectful, but don’t spill your guts about personal issues. Don’t gossip about other people at work. Keep your opinions to yourself, and refrain from offering details about your work. You never know what snitches will use against you.

Keep your cool. Losing your temper on snitches only gives them more power to make you look bad. Don’t try to retaliate either. You don’t want to sink to their level. Instead, address any accusations a snitch levies against you openly and honestly. Set the record straight and then focus on performing at a high level.

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— Adapted from “How to Find and Stop the Workplace Snitch,” Compare Business Products, www.comparebusinessproducts.com.