The 8 behaviors effective leaders demonstrate

  • April 20, 2022

Marie works as a manager at a logistics company. She spends much of her time directly overseeing others and paying attention to detail. Such actions keep operations...

Introduction to 401(k)s for small businesses

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How to choose a PTO policy for your business

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Employee handbook examples and sample policies

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Having a great employee handbook helps new employees understand expectations and ensures that all staff members are on the same page in regard to conduct and procedures....

How to write up an insubordinate employee

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Employers depend on their workers to perform the tasks asked of them. When an employee decides to ignore a request from a supervisor, business owner, or another person...

6 common hiring mistakes to avoid

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No employer wants to make a bad hiring decision. Bringing aboard someone who ends up performing inadequately or proving a poor cultural fit affects productivity and...