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Employment Law

Need employment law advice? Your employee’s hungry attorney knows the latest on employment at will, reasonable accommodations, and more.

Minimize employer liability, optimize labor relations, bullet-proof your employee handbook and update your knowledge of ADA guidelines with our employment law advice.

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Even as total EEOC charges declined dramatically in fiscal year 2018, sexual harassment claims soared. So what does this mean for employers?
The U.S. Department of Labor is having a busy spring with new proposals and opinion letters. All while facing a 10% budget cut from the White House.
Our expert attorney answers HR professionals' questions about filling out w-4 forms and final paychecks.
Here are some key Q&As from a new DOL fact sheet on the proposed changes.
Today is Equal Pay Day in America. So, why not take this day to double-check your Equal Pay Act compliance?
Before you move forward with any compensation adjustments in response to the new proposed federal salary threshold, check your overtime compliance.
In this month's Q&A, our expert attorney tackles FMLA, unused vacation payout and harassment training compliance.
Employers should start planning now how they will respond to the Department of Labor’s proposal to raise the overtime salary threshold.
The U.S. Supreme Court just rejected an equal pay lawsuit for a most unusual reason. Even so, employers can learn valuable pay equity lessons from the case.
Warning: Firing an employee while referencing use of FMLA leave may trigger a retaliation lawsuit.
Late yesterday,  Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta released a press statement through the Department of Labor outlining a new proposal.
Take these recent lessons from the courtroom into consideration when you are handling an ADA accommodation request at your workplace.
New legislation out of New York includes protection from gender identity or expression discrimination, as well as rising minimum wage and exempt salary levels.
New signs indicate that paid parental leave —long considered a pipedream—could become a reality in America.
Our expert attorney on all things employment law covers the legal implications of W-4 form errors, mistaken FLMA notice and more.
As new gig economy options to hire employees emerge, employers may want to closely assess and proactively manage these methods to engage temporary workers.
Here’s an important and surprisingly easy way to avoid potentially catastrophic class-action pay discrimination litigation: Decentralize pay and promotion decision-making to the greatest extent possible.
The Trump administration is using no-match letters to help enforce the president’s Buy American, Hire American Executive Order. The program will continue in the spring of 2019, when the SSA will be comparing 2018 W-2 tax form data to its records and informing employers when there is a discrepancy.
Let these recent course cases serve as a reminder on how to handle religious accommodation in your workplace.
If you’re determining whether an employee’s position is exempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act, take a page from these courts to start your analysis.
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