Part-time job may be reasonable accommodation

  • July 17, 2018

The ADA requires employers to consider transfer to open positions as reasonable accommodations for disabled workers. But what if an employee isn’t qualified for any...

Absences may disqualify disabled employee

  • July 11, 2018

Employees who suffer from disabilities as defined in the ADA or serious health conditions as defined in the FMLA enjoy some job protections. But those protections are...

Refuse a DOL subpoena, go straight to jail

  • June 29, 2018

The owner of GT Drywall in Chino Hills, California, spent some time behind bars after a federal judge tired of his delaying tactics in an ongoing wage-and-hour...

DOL busts Bernie’s Burger Bus

  • June 29, 2018

The companies that own the Bernie’s Burger Bus restaurant chain in Houston will have to pay $62,754 after investigators from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Wage and...