Oh, brother, was Joe Namath tough!

  • May 01, 2005

Aside from his unearthly talent with a ball—“any kind of ball,” says a childhood friend—what made former New York Jets quarterback Joe...

The principle behind Trump’s deals

  • May 01, 2005

Back in 1949, psychologist George Kingsley Zipf discovered the “Principle of Least Effort”: Most people, most of the time, are turned back by modest...

6 good tax reasons to hire your spouse

  • April 18, 2005

If you're like most small business owners, your spouse does odds and ends around the office and pitches in when you need help. This is particularly true in the summer...

Sacagawea: a leader for the ages

  • April 01, 2005

Even when no one around you sees you as a leader, you can be one. That was true of Sacagawea, the lone woman and only Native American on the Lewis and Clark...

The new risks of premature job offers

  • February 01, 2005

Rescinding job offers just got more legally dangerous. As incredible as it sounds, if you pull the rug out from a candidate's job offer, the person may be able to sue ...

Encourage open, constructive dissent

  • December 01, 2004

“All the first-rate decision-makers I’ve observed had a very simple rule," says Peter Drucker:  “If you have quick consensus on an important...

How to lead from the balcony

  • December 01, 2004

Early in their careers, leaders move up quickly because they can identify problems and solve them.

How Jon Gruden pounds the rock

  • November 01, 2004

As a graduate assistant at the University of Tennessee, football coaching prodigy-to-be Jon Gruden found himself passing a note to assistant coach Walt Harris during an...

Oracle’s Ellison and Genghis Khan

  • November 01, 2004

Oracle founder and chief executive Larry Ellison is a classic narcissistic leader, reminiscent of both the robber barons of the 19th century, who created industries in...

John McCain and the elements of courage

  • October 01, 2004

You’ll probably never need courage to do your work, at least the kind of courage required against physical threats like torture or gunfire. Still, understanding...

When a worker passes the buck

  • October 01, 2004

Managers are often maddened when employees blame co-workers when things go awry. Here's the strategy one manager used to deal with an employee's buck-passing: