Kingdomality: What’s your ruling style?

If you like to understand your own world through a parallel universe, the new management book Kingdomality divides the leaders of a mythical medieval kingdom into four main personality types, all of which are vital to running the place. The four:
  1. Challengers like winning. They’re excellent strategists and seek the logical solution. Their way might not please others, but it’s bound to be just and rational, with a good chance of working. They care little for procedures. Better, faster, cheaper is their way of life. Challengers make “natural” leaders.

  2. Explorers are visionary leaders. They go for the creative solution that satisfies their souls. The future fascinates them, and they can become so wrapped up in their vision that they forget what’s around them. They may bet on a long shot, but wow, what an idea! They love change, seeking out new experiences and thriving on chaos.

  3. Maintainers are traditionalists, striving to preserve the kingdom. They zero in on the realistic solution that carries the least risk. Rather than being a solution, in fact, it might just put things on hold. No gain, no loss. They provide organizations a sense of consistency, prudence and order.

  4. Helpers are emotional and seize on solutions that satisfy the heart. The solution might not work, but it feels good. Helpers take stands based on their feelings, and they love to support their people.
To see what kind of leader you are, go to and take a little test.

Get a quick read on what types of people reside in your kingdom by asking someone how much time he or she has to meet with you about an upcoming project:
  • Challengers will give you “x” minutes.

  • Explorers will want to know more before answering.

  • Maintainers will offer as much time as is warranted.

  • Helpers will take the time to make others feel comfortable.
— Adapted from Kingdomality: An Ingenious New Way to Triumph in Management, Sheldon Bowles, Richard Silvano, Susan Silvano, Hyperion.