You: judgmental or judicious leader?

Measure yourself against the following traits:

A judgmental leader:
  • Makes every final decision.

  • Dictates the mission to others.

  • Amasses power for his or her personal use.

  • Corrects people who say or do things that seem off base or unacceptable.

  • Takes credit for his/her group’s accomplishments.

A judicious leader:
  • Lets people devise their own solutions and contributes ideas as the process moves ahead.

  • Develops a mission through a process of shared discussion and discovery.

  • Allows others to accrue power so they can grow.

  • Assumes that people have valid reasons for what they do and tries to understand what they say or do from their viewpoints.

  • Recognizes the accomplishments of others.
— Adapted from “Creative Meetings Through Power Sharing,” George M. Prince, Harvard Business Review.