Silence your know-it-all spiel

  • February 20, 2018

It’s easy to feel like an impostor who’s pretending to know more than you do. That can lead you to talk too much and lose touch with your team. To avoid talking at...

HR: Employers fail at elevating female leaders

  • February 19, 2018

While a majority of HR professionals (82%) believe that elevating women into leadership roles is a critical business issue, only about a quarter of those HR pros (28%)...

‘I only do what I want to do’

  • February 15, 2018

Part of the beauty of achieving success is the freedom to control your own life. Oprah Winfrey turns out to be on the same journey as everyone else: trying to get...

The Power of Focus

  • February 13, 2018

I’ve been writing a blog here off and on, and mostly off for a long time. While I write very regularly here, I have been remiss here. That is going to change. While...

Lessons from the Courts: February ’18

  • February 08, 2018

Managers should never retaliate against an employee who sticks up for an alleged harassment victim or makes overtures to help that person’s case. Such behavior will...

Feeling sacked? 6 ways to clear the end zone

  • January 30, 2018

If the weight of your work suddenly feels like you’ve been hard-tackled by ill-tempered teammates and you’re seeing stars, it’s time for an intervention. Remember...

Women still seeking equality

  • January 25, 2018

Even after decades of progress, women say they have to work harder than men to get ahead. Salary negotiation is a case in point.

The millennial conundrum

  • January 23, 2018

“If you’re being critical, then don’t talk about it in terms of failure. Instead, reframe it as an opportunity for lessons learned or positive steps to take in the...

Keep close tabs on your time

  • January 18, 2018

To squeeze more productivity out of your workday, identify and plug holes that waste precious time.

Evict your inner imposter

  • January 15, 2018

Wading deeper into a new year of opportunities and professional aspirations, many of us are hitting the gym more and focused on physical fitness. Yet, we can’t deny...

From pessimist to optimist in 3 steps

  • January 04, 2018

Transforming yourself from a pessimist into an optimist won’t happen overnight. It requires an entirely different outlook on life, along with the discipline to change...

Spark great ideas without fear

  • December 26, 2017

Innovation sputters when fear runs rampant. Managers may hype the importance of taking risks, only to chastise those who embark on bold but costly experiments.

CEO John Legere is telling it like it is

  • December 21, 2017

If you’re a business leader, keep an eye on @JohnLegere and other leaders who have chosen to risk backlash by speaking bluntly on social media and putting their faces...

Avoid project management traps

  • December 21, 2017

Andrew Makar is all too familiar with project management challenges. An information technology consultant, he has learned how to avoid potholes and stay on track.

5 Ways to Lead Projects More Effectively

  • December 10, 2017

Project management training, advice and wise counsel can be found anywhere. Fair less is written about leading projects. This short article won’t put much of a dent in...