Widow/Orphan Control runs in Word by default

  • September 03, 2013

While Widow/Orphan control keeps single lines of a paragraph from showing up either at the top or the bottom of a page, it doesn’t necessarily keep headings with ...

SharePoint 2010: List and library settings

  • September 03, 2013

Knowing how to work with settings can expand the capabilities of your SharePoint lists and libraries and provide you with ways to control how content changes.

Secrets to success in Word: 3 settings

  • August 19, 2013

Make your document life easier with a treasure trove of simple settings. Click on the File tab in Office 2010 and 2013 and select Options ...

Content tips and time-savers in Outlook

  • July 22, 2013

Many people just type text and attach files when creating email messages and calendar items, but there is more you can do to make your Outlook items complete.

SharePoint 2010: Getting personal with views

  • April 02, 2013

The people who designed the sites for SharePoint 2010 probably made some decisions based on what they thought you needed. But sometimes, you need to use list data in...

SharePoint Implementation Approach: Wave Off!

  • February 04, 2013

A successful SharePoint implementation has three characteristics, while other approaches to the project of making it your company's intranet solution can end in doom....