Rolling Credits for Your PowerPoint Presentations

Especially effective for videos you create from your PowerPoint presentations, rolling titles are easy to add with aMicrosoft PowerPoint little bit of know-how.

  1. Delete the placeholders from a new slide or use the Blank layout.
  2. Insert a Text Box (Insert>Text>Text Box).
  3. Type your text into the Text box. Add a leader line if you like, but this is a manual process.
  4. Enlarge the text until it takes up most of the horizontal space.
  5. Size and center the text box.
  6. Zoom out, so you can see the area around the slide well.
  7. Move the text box well below the slide.
  8. Apply an Up motion effect animation (Animation>Animation>More>More Motion Paths>Up).
  9. Hold the shift key down as you extend the red arrow to above the slide. It may take a tweak or two to get it right.
  10. Microsoft PowerPoint

  11. Change the effect options to Very Slow. If that’s not slow enough, drag the Start/End line in the Animation Pane out to the right until the pace is just right (see above). You can stretch the Animation Pane to the left to give you enough visibility and room to work. The cursor will look like a split arrow (see below) when it is ready to be used to size the time span. If it looks like a double arrow, it will move the time span, not increase it.

Microsoft PowerPoint

Want to add that “Star Wars” effect? On the Drawing Tools Format contextual tab, apply the Perspective Above, Perspective Relaxed Moderately or the Perspective Relaxed effect, Drawing Tools Format>WordArt Styles>Text Effects>3D Rotation>Perspective.

Microsoft PowerPoint