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Leading to TEAM

Leading to TEAM

Within every organization, there are those individuals, for whom “being positional” is a chronic pattern. Simply put, these are people who tend to argue for their position and have trouble hearing and/or considering other people’s ideas. Those people can not only be hard to deal with, they can erode team chemistry and prevent optimal collaboration. The following tool offers a constructive means of interacting with people who are caught in this pattern.
Ever feel like the feedback you give to your employees falls on deaf ears? Do you find that despite giving feedback often, the same frustrating patterns are consistently repeated? We’re going to offer you a few things to consider, so that your feedback will be BETTER delivered and more readily received, heard and implemented.
What if simply adjusting your language, in a few simple ways, practiced over a fairly short period of time, could dramatically improve the results in your life?
Managers and leaders become empowered by interrupting and redirecting complaints into powerful, actionable, requests. In this article we are going to share a couple of practical tips that you can use to start setting your team up for success.
Have you ever considered: “Who generates TEAM?” Many of us give the power to create team to forces outside of ourselves. We blame circumstances or “the system” for preventing team. Often we give the power to people who we view as superior or more important than us because of their title, age, or perceived intelligence. What becomes possible if the answer to the question, “who generates TEAM, is “I generate TEAM.”