Zero-tolerance policy OK if evenly enforced

  • March 27, 2017

A zero-tolerance policy regarding violence is usually fine. However, you must be prepared for a lawsuit if one of the people disciplined has previously complained about...

Wearables in the office: Security risk?

  • April 01, 2015

David Upton, CEO of DA Systems, lists some concerns to consider when it comes to wearable tech devices at work, and offers tips on how to mitigate them.

Who says onboarding can’t be fun?

  • June 16, 2014

Some employers enliven their onboarding process with games, quizzes and other activities that inform while they entertain. Here are some real-life examples.

Keep bereavement leave policies up-to-date

  • June 11, 2014

Although there’s no federal requirement to offer time off after the death of a loved one, many businesses do it anyway. Before long, however, those voluntary...

Employee Handbooks: Overview

  • February 10, 2014

HR Law 101: Employee handbooks are extremely valuable business tools. But if you're not careful, your handbook could land you in court. In particular, employees are...

Keep it neat! You can restrict facial hair

  • December 02, 2013

Private employers have the right to set their own dress and grooming codes. Within limits, that includes restricting an employee’s facial hair and insisting on a...