Did Starbucks fail at communicating policy?

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It’s likely that the Starbucks incidents reveal some form of discriminatory animus on the part of individual employees. But from a management and HR perspective, there...

Keep some records from HR decision-makers

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Employee handbooks: 5 most common mistakes

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Wearables in the office: Security risk?

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David Upton, CEO of DA Systems, lists some concerns to consider when it comes to wearable tech devices at work, and offers tips on how to mitigate them.

Who says onboarding can’t be fun?

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Some employers enliven their onboarding process with games, quizzes and other activities that inform while they entertain. Here are some real-life examples.

Truth is, a handbook needs an honesty policy

  • August 20, 2013

Nearly one in five U.S. workers admit to lying at the office at least once a week, according to a CareerBuilder survey. A quarter of hiring managers say they’ve...