Bonuses are back, more popular than ever

  • July 07, 2014

A downward trend for bonuses that began with the 2009 recession has been reversed. Part of the reason: Employers may be substituting bonuses for traditional merit...

Most indexed 401(k)s beat managed funds

  • April 02, 2014

Only about 20% of managed 401(k) funds deliver better returns that those that are simply indexed to broader market performance, according to research conducted by the...

Cash is king for light-fingered workers

  • April 01, 2014

Almost two-thirds of small businesses have been victims of employee theft, and 40% of the time, the employee took money, according to University of Cincinnati criminal...

Are retreat prizes taxable income?

  • March 01, 2014

Q. We hold a team-building retreat every year where we give employees prizes after completing certain challenges. Are those prizes considered taxable income?