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Office Management

Who’s there to organize the office organizer? Business Management Daily helps admins with dealing with bosses, records retention, and other key tasks.

We provide thousands of articles to help admins and office management staff through better meeting management, improved time management, and much more.

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The IRS unexpectedly shed light on its rulemaking processes. And this may influence how and when they come out with guidance on which you can rely.
A recent survey indicates there is an increase in employees attempting to abuse their company’s expense reimbursement policy.
While we wait for the second drafts of the W-4 and the employer instructions, we’ve been accumulating all sorts of information related to the TCJA.
Just one week after releasing the draft W-4, it has released a draft of the employer’s instructions—new Pub. 15-T.
How to keep up with all the demands placed upon you in a time-compressed world and maintain quality.
The IRS's first draft of the 2020 W-4 is here. We've looked high and low to find what's new, what's missing and how you should prepare.
54% of managers recently surveyed say their companies allow flexible schedules during the summer.Can you say wage-and-hour headaches?
Since most taxpayers’ blood pressure rises with a letter from the IRS, here are some explanataions around the IRS notices for business and payroll.
The Department of Labor collects $85 million a day from employers that violate the Fair Labor Standards Act. How many of those dollars are yours?
Is the Google suite right for your office? Check out this comparison of the three main programs before you make any moves.
Tax bills from the House usually go to the Senate to die. The Taxpayer First Act of 2019 (H.R. 1957), however, may be the exception to the rule.
What better to way to learn good minute-taking techniques than checking out some sample meeting minutes?
In honor of Administrative Professionals' Day, we've pulled two of our favorite reflections on defining success from top admins.
The IRS tipped its hand on some key payroll-related tax issues and other potential changes at this year’s APA summit. Here’s the rundown.
There are worse fates out there for execs and companies that don’t take their payroll tax liabilities as seriously as the IRS does.
Micorsoft Excel's shortcuts are not only big time-savers, but they're pretty easy to master. Here are some of our favorites.
Theories that automation in the workplace could eliminate millions of jobs in the U.S.are starting to get debunked.
Switching payroll service vendors should never be a spur-of-the-moment decision. There are some things you need to consider beforehand.
Consider this a reminder that when things get hectic, there’s one friend you can always rely on to help you stay organized at work.
Even if you assign the task to deposit payroll taxes to someone inside or outside the company, you’re still on the hook if your taxes aren’t deposited.
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