Working with Multiple Bosses – Successfully

Most people find it challenging enough to work well with even ONE boss. But if you’re working with two bosses – or MORE – the challenge is nearly insurmountable.

Dealing with the workload is tough enough. But you’ve also got to manage multiple communications styles … multiple sets of expectations … multiple schedules … multiple projects … and more.

And that means multiple headaches – for YOU. Even if the “official” designation is 50% of your time for Mr. A. and 50% of your time for Ms. B., the reality is that BOTH often act as if 100% of your time is devoted just to them!

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Working with Multiple Bosses - Successfully
from Dr. Rebecca Staton-Reinstein:

In Working with Multiple Bosses – Successfully, our trainer will share her battle-tested techniques for managing not just your bosses, but your own time as well. You’ll discover:

  • Ways to identify the preferred communication and work style of each manager and flex your own style to be compatible
  • Techniques to set up clear plans, schedules, and concrete expectations up front to avoid crises, miscommunication, and frustration
  • Using aligned assertive communication to set boundaries, “manage up,” and define priorities
  • How to develop strategies and tactics to resolve conflicts among different managers’ expectations
  • Tricks for converting the experience of multiple managers into a positive learning and growth opportunity to advance your career

Our trainer, Dr. Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, knows firsthand what it is like to report to multiple bosses. She’ll share her experience of reporting to two demanding VPs with opposite personality types – and how she not only survived but thrived!

Admins, supervisors, contractors, even bosses – all must deal with multiple bosses at one time or another. And all can benefit from the insightful training you’ll get from Working with Multiple Bosses – Successfully.

Pat DiDomenico
Pat DiDomenico, Editorial Director
Business Management Daily 

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Rebecca Staton-ReinsteinDr. Rebecca Staton-Reinstein is the president of Advantage Leadership, a Miami-based management consulting firm. She has developed project management programs for the American Management Association and Management Centre Europe, and serves as a mentor for the University of Miami’s MBA program. Dr. Staton-Reinstein is a published author of 3 books, and has provided strategic leadership consulting for her clients for over 20 years.

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