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Business Management Daily celebrates Administrative Professionals Week with a FREE training webinar

In honor of this special week, Business Management Daily is offering our training webinar, How to Be Assertive and Get What You Want at Work, presented by Colette Carlson, human behavior expert and founder of Speak Your Truth, Inc.

During this informative webinar, you'll learn essential techniques to get what you want in the office while communicating a credible and self-assured professional image. Colette will show you how to stop being invisible at work and teach you the communication skills you need to be assertive and speak your truth.


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How to Be Assertive and Get What You Want at Work

During How to Be Assertive and Get What You Want at Work, you'll learn how to:

Never before has assertive, effective communication been more necessary to not only survive in the workplace, but catapult your career and credibility! Stop feeling powerless in day-to-day dealings with people and learn the communication techniques to speak your truth assertively. 

Download training webinar How to Be Assertive and Get What You Want now! This giveaway is only available through Sunday, April 28.

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