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Step-by-step guidance for walking into the spotlight.

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Mastering Presentations:
How to be Confident & Compelling in Front of Any Audience

The most unnerving thing about giving a presentation is that you can go in with great information and still come out a flop … a very public flop. Even the best ideas will fail when presented poorly.

But you no longer have to risk any of that. EVER. You can walk into every presentation — big or small — absolutely confident that you’ll be a hit.

That’s because there’s a simple set of best practices — proven ways to research, organize, write, prepare for and deliver presentations. This new recording from Morey Stettner will give you the step-by-step guidance for walking into the spotlight fully prepared.

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Whether you’re leading a meeting of three people or giving a speech to 3,000, you’ll learn how to develop key skills, including how to:
  • Project confidence. Learn simple strategies to address nervousness and manage distractions through skillful use of eye contact, posture, gestures, movement, voice, pausing and rhythm.
  • Create memorable content. Organize succinct, listener-focused messages designed for impact and persuasiveness. Use visuals for listener retention of key information.
  • Design a “message map.” Discover the five steps to effectively piece together your thoughts into a clear, organized message.
  • Inject ‘memory hooks’ into your presentation.
  • Manage your audience. Learn how to listen effectively, handle difficult questions and keep conversations positive and forward-moving.
Mastering Presentations is designed for business executives, managers, meeting leaders and individuals who want to differentiate themselves and achieve more consistent results in their formal and informal presentations.

Discover the practical tips and techniques to grab your audience’s attention … HOLD it … and communicate your ideas with clarity. Start becoming the master of your presentations.

Pat DiDomenico
Pat DiDomenico
Editorial Director, Business Management Daily

P.S. Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed. If Mastering Presentations fails to meet your needs, we will refund every penny you paid — no hassles, no questions asked.

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About Your Speaker:

Morey Stettner is the editor of Executive Leadership, a communication consultant, an executive coach and the author of five popular business books: The Art of Winning Conversation, Skills for New Managers, The Manager’s Survival Guide, The New Manager’s Handbook and Buyer Beware: An Industry Insider Shows You How to Win the Insurance Game. A dynamic, crowd-pleasing speaker, Stettner has addressed many groups across the United States on communication skills and led courses for Toastmasters International and The Learning Annex. He has delivered corporate training programs on topics such as listening skills, public speaking, and motivating and managing employees. Stettner has served as editor of many management newsletters including Communication Briefings, Manager’s Edge, Executive Strategies, Working Smart, Managing People at Work, Executive Wealth Advisory and You and the Law.

Who Should Listen:

  • HR professionals
  • Supervisors and managers
  • Executives
  • Office managers
  • Business owners
  • Administrative assistants
  • Anyone who wants to improve their presentation skills
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