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Excel Macros:
Your Key to Success

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Excel Macros: Your Key to Success
from Melissa Esquibel:

Do you find that you repeat the same set of keystrokes over and over to complete certain tasks in Microsoft® Excel®? Perhaps you are importing data from another system that never comes in exactly the way you like.

You’ve heard others talk about Macros as if they were some sort of forbidden key to success. Well, part of that is true. Success in Excel is easy when you know Macros.

With Excel Macros: Your Key to Success, we will reveal exactly what Macros are and how to put them to work for you right now!

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Get the expertise others envy—and bosses clamor for! Excel Macros: Your Key to Success will demystify Excel Macro mysteries for you:

  • What is a Macro? (We’ll clear that up right away!)
  • What are the best uses for Macros in Excel?
  • How do I create one so it runs right EVERY time?
  • Do I have to get every step perfect when I record a Macro? (And what if I don’t?)
  • Can I run my Macros with buttons?
  • How can I share my Macros with others?

The newest recording in our Office Tech Series will train you on:

  • Recording Macros.
  • Using the Visual Basic editor.
  • Tips for recording that reduce or eliminate “run time” errors.
  • Setting up buttons on the Quick Access Toolbar and in the workbook.
  • Creating a Macros-only workbook for specific uses and sharing.

In just 75 minutes, we’ll have you using Excel Macros like a pro.


Carolyn Frazier
Editor, Office Technology Today

P.S. Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed. If Excel Macros: Your Key to Success fails to meet your needs, we will refund 100% of your purchase price – no hassles, no questions asked.

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About Your Speaker:

Melissa Esquibel is a Microsoft® Certified Trainer. She combines her 25+ years of experience in information technology with a background in training, technical writing and business risk analysis. Her goal is to help you understand the amazing workflow benefits of Microsoft® Excel®.

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  • Administrative professionals
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