Team-Building Success Strategies
Do you have a collection of employees, or do you have a team?
Success Strategies

At the beginning of your career, chances are you were judged differently than you are as a leader and manager. In the past, success was defined by your sales numbers, or your on-time and under-budget performance – in other words, by YOUR output.

But now, your performance is judged by how OTHERS perform. And the ability to turn your subordinates into a true team is a skill that only leaders possess … competitors envy … and bosses clamor for.

To help you develop and hone your team-building skills, Executive Leadership has teamed up with a top consultant who will help spur you and your team to greatness: Team-Building Success Strategies.

Team-building expert Jamey Stowell of Life Entrepreneurs will reveal the secrets his clients pay thousands for, including:
  • Why a team-oriented view is important
  • The impact of team performance on strategy and competitiveness
  • Strategies for approaching YOUR team-building challenges
  • Ways of thinking about building strong teams
  • Effective team-building games and exercises
  • Team size: is your team too big? Too small?
  • Spurring better communication within AND beyond your team
  • And more!

From techniques for inspiring and motivating your team to deciding on whether to bring in a facilitator, Team-Building Success Strategies will help you build skills in your team members – and in YOU.

Be honest with yourself: do you have a collection of employees, or do you have a team? The wrong answer may spell the difference between success and failure. Let us help you get the right answers, with Team-Building Success Strategies.


Pat DiDomenico, Editorial Director
Executive Leadership & Business Management Daily

P.S. Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed. If Team-Building Success Strategies fails to meet your needs, we will refund every penny you paid – no hassles, no questions asked.

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Team-Building Success Strategies

from Speaker Jamey Stowell:

 About the Speaker:

Jamey Stowell is a leadership and organizational development consultant, specializing in team-building. He has worked nationwide with a variety of business and non-profit clients. Stowell consults on business strategy, strategic HR management, and building strategic alliances. He has served as a faculty associate for executive courses in the Stanford Graduate School of Business … has worked with MBAs in the school’s Interpersonal Dynamics course … and has facilitated team-building retreats for several Silicon Valley firms.
Who Should Listen:
  • HR professionals
  • Supervisors and managers
  • Executives
  • Office managers
  • Business owners

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