Zuckerberg's Facebook Success Secrets
Get inside Zuckerberg's thinking
Zuckerberg's Facebook Success Secrets:
How to Lead and Succeed Like Zuck

Dear Colleague:

Mark Zuckerberg is worth over $17 billion. His company, Facebook — founded in 2004 — has 800 million active users, and is valued at between $70 billion and $100 billion. Mark Zuckerberg is 27 years old.

How did he do it?

To understand Facebook’s meteoric success, you first have to understand Mark Zuckerberg. And to help you do that, we’ve recruited the writer of Dissecting Mark Zuckerberg to present a unique recording that will help you emulate the Facebook CEO’s successes — while avoiding his mistakes.

In this recording, leadership consultant Dr. Joe Frontiera will expand on his Washington Post article to help you get inside Zuckerberg’s thinking. You’ll learn:
  • How much the Social Network movie captured the true Mark
  • Zuckerberg’s three core values
  • When to focus on the “what” versus the “why”
  • The right way to make mistakes
  • Why he turned down billions for Facebook early on
  • Four steps to a great apology
  • Creating value FOR — not FROM — your customers
  • How Facebook’s office culture works
  • And more!
Should you attend Zuckerberg's Facebook Success Secrets? Consider this: If you discover one secret that will make you ONE PERCENT as successful as Zuck, you’ll have a net worth of $170 million.


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from speaker Joe Frontiera:

About the Speaker:

Dr. Joe Frontiera is a Managing Partner at Meno Consulting. Joe has a Ph.D. in psychology and an MA in counseling from West Virginia University, and has been featured in the Harvard Business Review, CLO Magazine, TrainingIndustry.com, CIO Insight and the Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, among others. He has also worked as a top executive for CompuServe Network Services, UUNET, WorldCom and iPass. Joe has survived cancer, three years of Division I Crew and the WorldCom scandal, and draws upon those experiences to help corporate, government and athletic teams reach their potential.
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  • Payroll professionals
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  • Supervisors and managers
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