Mastering SharePoint 2010
Bring together your
people, documents, information and ideas
  Mastering SharePoint 2010 

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Wondering how Microsoft® SharePoint 2010 can improve your organization? Or maybe you’ve deployed SharePoint but are using only a fraction of its capabilities.

Mastering SharePoint 2010, the 75-minute video recording of our fast-paced webinar, will give you and your team the skills and confidence to use SharePoint effectively every day. Our expert instructor highlights the most exciting and important features of SharePoint 2010, and provides dozens of insider tips to maximize your time spent in the SharePoint platform.

Mastering SharePoint 2010 helps you bring together your people, documents, information and ideas in a customizable space where all team members can collaborate. We'll help you keep employees on top of projects (and deadlines) with intuitive calendar syncing ... new blogging functionality ... and an improved user interface.

With this video recording, you’ll get a broad, real-world understanding of how to maximize the power of SharePoint 2010 for your end users. Topics include:
  • Collaborating with team sites
  • Simplifying document access through Office Web Apps
  • Co-authoring content using Microsoft Office and SharePoint 2010
  • Making informed decisions using business intelligence
  • Improving communication with Lync integration
  • How to successfully introduce SharePoint to your users for maximum adoption
Even better, this training is 100% guaranteed because BrainStorm, our expert instructor provider, is a Registered Microsoft® Partner and is featured in the Microsoft® Marketplace.

On average, people use only 13% of the features in their software tools. That’s tragic … and a waste of your company’s software investment. Don’t let SharePoint become just a file server replacement. Take 75 minutes to learn how to maximize all the productivity-boosting, team-building, business-analysis tools of SharePoint 2010!


Pat DiDomenico
Editorial Director, Business Management Daily

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About the Speaker:

Derek Adams is the Vice President of Technology for BrainStorm, Inc. Based in Utah, BrainStorm provides enterprise-level software training and performance support solutions for outstanding organizations around the world, including 3M, Chiquita, Toyota, Goldman Sachs, The Home Depot, Harley Davidson and Domino’s Pizza. Leveraging its unique partnerships with software giants such as Microsoft, Novell and Corel, BrainStorm is at the forefront of and sets the pace in this rapidly evolving marketplace.
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  • Supervisors and managers
  • HR professionals
  • Business owners
  • IT professionals
  • Developers
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