Employees Online: Social Media at Work
Avoid legal risks of Facebook, Twitter, blogs, e-mail and more!
Employees Online: Social Media at Work

WARNING: This event includes explicit language and sexual content, all quoted from employee communications.

Today’s brave new world of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, Google and IMs has led to a scary new world for your organization. Social media, email and the Web are creating shocking new legal risks for U.S. employers:
  • A flight attendant is fired for posting risqué pictures of herself in uniform. She sues. Was that free speech?
  • An IBM employee loses her disability benefits because the company says her joyful Facebook photos show she no longer suffers from major depression. Is that legal?
  • A job applicant is rejected after a Google search reveals a “brandishing weapons” conviction. Did HR act wisely – or expose the company to a potential lawsuit?

Where’s the line between prudent monitoring and invasion of privacy? Are sexy or violent postings mere “venting” – or a warning of workplace danger? These are the problems that experts are debating … and that attorneys are litigating.

Learn about the new risks created by the Information Age – and the best strategies to avoid them – in a recording of this informative webinar presented by Business Management Daily: Employees Online.

This unique recording will provide you with definitive, practical answers to the challenges you’re dealing with, including:
  • The 5 reasons why you MUST put limits on employees’ blogs, Tweets and other social-media posts
  • When are employees' online postings considered free speech … and when are they libel? (A 5-question test will let you know)
  • Developing a workplace social media policy
  • How the National Labor Relations Act applies in the virtual world
  • Can you fire workers if they post embarrassing (but true) details about your company?
  • Internal AND external legal risks of social media
  • The 6 steps to safeguarding your organization against today’s online legal threats
You owe it to your employees to provide a safe workplace, and to protect their rights to free speech and free expression. But you’ve also got to protect your company’s reputation and trade secrets. Employees Online provides detailed advice on how to do both – effectively and legally. Listen TODAY!


Pat DiDomenico
Editorial Director, HR Specialist

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Employees Online: Social Media at Work

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Jonathan Hyman, Esq.:

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Jonathan Hyman, Esq., of Kohrman Jackson & Krantz in Cleveland, concentrates his practice in the representation of companies in employment and labor disputes and counseling companies on various employment issues. He has written and lectured extensively on myriad employment law issues, including the FMLA, sexual harassment, discrimination, wage and hour issues, and background checks. Jon has been regularly interviewed and quoted by the local and national media on employment matters, including the National Law Journal, Business Insurance Magazine, Crain’s Cleveland Business, Inside Counsel, and Lawyer’s USA. Jon was named a 2007 Ohio Rising Star Super Lawyer. He is also the author of the Ohio Employer’s Law Blog, where he publishes daily on employment and labor law issues.
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This recording has been approved for 1.25 credit hours toward PHR and SPHR recertification through the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI).

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