Unleash the Power of Your iPhone
Get more done with less effort!
Unleash the Power of Your iPhone

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Unleash the Power of Your iPhone
from Kimberly Deas:

Your iPhone is a powerful business tool. But are you really getting the most from it? Which of the more than 150,000 iPhone apps are truly helpful? How can you organize apps? And what about editing and printing from your iPhone?

Now you can make your iPhone work harder for you — so that you can get more done with less effort! You CAN take advantage of more of the features that your iPhone has to offer and get the insider tips on which apps really are worth their weight in gold, with a little help …

In Business Management Daily’s informative video recording Unleash the Power of Your iPhone, Kimberly Deas will teach you the tricks of taking control of your iPhone and help you discover some of the most powerful features and apps on the market.

She’ll show you:
  • Everything you need to know in 75 minutes to supercharge your iPhone, including little-known settings, powerful features, and productivity apps that will “wow” you
  • The insider’s guide to your iPhone to upgrade the way you manage your contacts, detail connecting to social media tools, make video calls, even prioritize voice mails. You’ll have your iPhone working harder so you don’t have to
  • A list of the 10 must-have iPhone apps, including how to easily install, manage, and use them, all chosen to make you more productive and efficient at and away from the office
  • Easy-to-implement tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your iPhone
  • And much more!
You’ll discover ways to use your iPhone that will have you wondering how you lived without them!

Unleash the Power of Your iPhone brings you all these tips — and more! Whether you’re a techie or a Luddite, Unleash the Power of Your iPhone will help you squeeze more “juice” out of yours.


Pat DiDomenico
Editorial Director, The HR Specialist

P.S. Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed. If Unleash the Power of Your iPhone fails to meet your needs, we will refund 100% of your purchase price – no hassles, no questions asked.

About the Speaker:

Kimberly Deas combines her 10+ years of experience in telecommunications with a background in personal coaching and results-oriented training. She uncovers the power of the iPhone's features and shows you how to unleash that power for more results .
Who Should Watch:
  • Administrative professionals
  • HR professionals
  • Supervisors and managers
  • Business owners
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