Harassment 2.0 Workshop
Protect your employees, your company and your career!
Harassment 2.0 Workshop: How to Prevent & Respond to Employee Misconduct in a Digital World

Harassment lawsuits are running at record levels, but the incidents no longer simply involve face-to-face employee conflicts.

These days, your employees are being harassed in new ways, such as through Facebook, email and texting. And harassment encompasses ever-expanding types of behavior, such as bullying. That means the old HR rules for preventing and confronting harassment have changed … and you need to change with them.

Get ahead of these trends by learning what you should do now to protect your employees, your organization and your career. In our audio recording, Harassment 2.0 Workshop, you’ll discover answers to questions like:
  • What’s considered unlawful “harassment” in the modern world?
  • What are the “Three Basic Truths” of harassment prevention?
  • How do Facebook, Twitter and other social-media tools affect your new HR responsibilities?
  • Should you monitor employees’ electronic communications?
  • Can you base discipline and investigation decisions on public Facebook postings? What about private postings?
  • What should our e-harassment policies include – and not include?
  • When does “bullying” – both online and in person – cross the line into harassment?

When this session was presented at the LEAP conference in the spring of 2011, attendees showered rave reviews, saying:
  • “Great presentation, loved the real world examples”
  • “Superb”
  • “Great information!”
  • “Learned about new high-tech ways to get in trouble”
  • “Very informative and fun”
  • “I picked up good ideas to bring back to the office”
Many employees today don’t even consider the consequences of posting comments, photos or video on social media. In fact, a Deloitte study said three-quarters of U.S. workers admit using Facebook or Twitter at work and 87% say they have no business reason to do so.

Harassment 2.0 Workshop will teach you how to prevent these new forms of unprofessional behavior, misconduct and harassment – and how to respond if it occurs.


Pat DiDomenico
Editorial Director, Business Management Daily

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Paul Prather is a partner at the law firm of Kiesewetter Wise in Memphis and represents management in all areas of employment and labor relations, including state and federal employment litigation. He has developed training programs in many areas of employee relations and jury trial litigation. He is a contributing editor of Workplace Privacy: Real Answers and Practical Solutions, and has been recognized by his peers in The Best Lawyers in America.
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