Retaliation Workshop
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Retaliation Workshop: How to Identify & Prevent the No. 1 Employee Legal Complaint

Question: What type of job bias complaint is the most common, the easiest to file and the easiest to win?

Answer: You may be shocked to discover that retaliation is the answer … and the risks are getting steeper every day.

Every year, the EEOC receives thousands of complaints that employers have illegally retaliated against workers for exercising their rights. The complaints amount to 36.3% of all charges filed with the EEOC – more than age, race or even gender discrimination. Retaliation claims have nearly doubled in the past decade.

Why the spike? Claims took off starting in 2006 after the Supreme Court lowered the bar on what’s considered retaliation in the workplace. And recent rulings have pushed that bar even lower, including the Supreme Court’s important Thompson and Staub decisions this year.

Retaliation cases are also easier to file. And they’re often easier to prove in court. The bottom line: Understanding and confronting these risks is vital to your HR compliance.

Don’t become an unwitting victim to such claims. Listen to Retaliation Workshop and you’ll gain a complete understanding of the potential liability and, more importantly, how to prevent retaliation claims in the first place.

You’ll learn:
  • Why employee retaliation claims have become so prevalent
  • The most common sources (Which laws are retaliation claims covered under?)
  • How to quickly spot legally dangerous actions by supervisors
  • What is considered “protected activity” that you can’t retaliate against (verbal complaints? written complaints?)
  • What is an “adverse action”? (Firing is retaliation. But what about a lateral transfer?)
  • Who is protected from retaliation? The new Thompson case says you can’t lash out at “third parties”
  • Plus, you’ll learn 3 simple, practical steps to steer clear of all retaliation claims

Retaliation is the most misunderstood aspect of employment law … and the most underestimated risk. The practical advice in this recording will help HR and employers to immunize their organizations from these risks and keep you out of trouble.


Pat DiDomenico
Editorial Director, Business Management Daily

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About the Speakers:

Daniel Kaplan is a partner at Foley & Lardner in Madison, Wis., in the firm’s Labor & Employment Practice team. He counsels employers on all types of employment law issue and has experience litigating cases before state and federal courts. He is a frequent presenter at national conferences, including the prestigious Labor and Employment Law Advanced Practices Symposium.
Jerry Huffman is a partner at Curry & Friend in New Orleans. He represents management in all phases of law concerning the employer-employee relationship. Jerry has litigated labor and employment matters and helped shape state employment laws. In 1999, Jerry wrote legislation that revamped Louisiana's job discrimination law.
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