MS Office 2010 Demystified
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MS Office 2010 Demystified

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MS Office 2010 Demystified
from Melissa Esquibel:

MS Office 2010 is a big improvement over Office 2003. But it can seem like you’ve been transported to another planet as you try and move around the new interface, especially the new Ribbon!

This informative video from our Office Tech Series — MS Office 2010 Demystified — will help get you back to work using your favorite tools, AND show you some great new features.

Office 2010 is laid out quite intuitively. However, the transition can seem like an uphill battle to relearn what you already know.

In this 75-minute video presented by Microsoft® Certified Trainer Melissa Esquibel, you’ll learn her favorite features for Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access, plus shortcuts and transition helpers to ease into 2010.

You’ll find out…
  • How to work with the new Ribbon interface
  • How to find your favorite tools and features
  • How to boost your productivity, creativity and effectiveness on the job with new features and tools
In addition to learning about the Ribbon interface, its backstage view and options, you’ll also learn how to work with the newest tools in the Office toolbox.
  • SmartArt
  • QuickParts
  • QuickSteps
  • Paste Preview
  • Screenshot
  • Sparklines

You’ll leave this MS Office 2010 Demystified video with the tools you can put to work right away and not only get back to being as productive as you were in your old familiar Office version, but handle everything like an old pro. We’ll cover…
  • New features in all five of the most often used applications, Outlook®, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access
  • Transition helpers and ways to work with Office that transcend version and will make future transitions easier
  • How to work effectively in environments where multiple versions are being used
The video is geared toward those making the transition from Office 97-2003 versions. However, if you are considering an upgrade to 2010, this program will provide you a useful guide to evaluate whether an upgrade is the right thing for you and your organization.

End the mystery — and boost your productivity with MS Office 2010 Demystified!


Alice Bumgarner
Editor, Administrative Professional Today

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About the Speaker:

Melissa Esquibel combines her 25+ years of experience in information technology with a background in training, technical writing and business risk analysis. Her goal is to help you understand the amazing workflow benefits of Microsoft Office.
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  • Supervisors and managers
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