Adobe Acrobat Tips and Techniques
Watch this informative video from our Office Tech Series!
Adobe Acrobat Tips and Techniques

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Adobe Acrobat Tips and Techniques
from Judith Arielle Golden:

If all you do in Adobe Acrobat is create PDFs – and if you only create them one way – you’re just scratching the surface of what Acrobat can do. Mastering this robust program can improve your productivity AND your marketability.

Now you can discover how to do things with Acrobat you never imagined – by watching this informative video from our skill-boosting Office Tech series: Adobe Acrobat Tips and Techniques.

In this 75-minute video with Judith Golden, desktop publishing pioneer and media and marketing specialist, you’ll discover:
  • 5 different ways to create a PDF
  • 2 big mistakes to avoid in Acrobat
  • A shortcut to create a PDF instantly without opening a program
  • How to capture a web page as a PDF
  • A secret to hyperlinking from a PDF to the web
  • How to transform emails into convenient PDF folder
  • Techniques the pros use to crop documents and pictures directly in Acrobat
  • 5 amazing Acrobat tricks in one convenient cheat sheet
When you learn how to use the powerful tools of Acrobat, you’ll be more efficient – but that’s just the start. You’ll also get timely responses on document review and approval … prepare professional documents … and never have your documents corrupted by someone else’s computer platforms or programs. And of course you’ll make yourself an even more valuable asset to your organization.

With Judith Arielle Golden’s expert tips and advice, you’ll never have to worry about PDFs again.


Alice Bumgarner
Editor, Administrative Professional Today

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About the Speaker:

Judith Arielle Golden is a pioneer in the implementation of desktop publishing and other computer advancements with extensive experience in media, advertising, marketing and tax accounting. She also is a licensed Heartmath coach.
Who Should Watch:
  • Administrative professionals
  • HR professionals
  • Supervisors and managers
  • Business owners
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