Writing Effective Emails
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Writing Effective Emails

Email and “snail mail” are delivered… read (or not read)… and acted on in vastly different ways. So why do we insist on writing them the SAME way?

Email lives forever. So you better make sure it’s good and it’s effective. But what is effective email?

In Writing Effective Emails, you’ll learn the do’s and don’ts of what makes an effective email… the best way to structure your email (and how to improve it)… and the good (and not-so-good) email.

Before you write one, do you know what 4 questions you should ask yourself? And before you click send, do you know what 3 questions you should ask?
  • Is an email necessary?
  • Do you need to respond now?
  • Is the subject line clear?
  • Is the structure correct?
  • Is it going to the right audience?
Learn the answers and more in this 75-minute audio recording with author, executive and business-writing teacher David Silverman.

Key benefits:
  • Learn what makes an effective email
  • Understand the mistakes people usually make
  • Know what to do before you click send

And because this is an audio recording, there is no limit to the number of colleagues you can invite to listen. In just 75 minutes, you’ll increase your writing power and become a more effective communicator.

Solid business communication is essential to your future. And in a digital future, nothing is more essential than email. Purchase Writing Effective Emails TODAY.


Alice Bumgarner
Editor, Administrative Professional Today

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About the Speaker:

David Silverman has been an entrepreneur, an executive and a business writing teacher. His latest book is Typo: The Last American Typesetter or How I Made and Lost 4 Million Dollars.
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  • Administrative professionals
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