Business Networking: How the Well-Connected Employee Can Help Your Business
Discover how to get ahead of your competition!
Business Networking: How the Well-Connected Employee Can Help Your Business

The Conference Board calls it one of the “key leadership roles.” Successful managers do it 70% more than their unsuccessful counterparts. What is it? Strategic networking.

Yet as important as networking is, studies show that your employees are actually LOSING ground when it comes to this critical skill. The Shyness Institute at Stanford University reports that almost six in ten Americans say they feel shy or uncomfortable at business and social events – up 50% from our parents’ generation.

As workplaces grow increasingly diverse, business networking skills are rarer – and more important – than ever before. To help your team develop this critical ability, we’ve developed a presentation called Business Networking: How the Well-Connected Employee Can Help Your Business.

This audio recording will help your employees develop talents that will grow your business AND their value to you. In Business Networking, we’ll explore:
  • Unconnected employees: who are they?
  • Nine ways unconnected employees hurt your business
  • Training tips that guide employees to better internal and external communication
  • How to create, cultivate, and capitalize on internal and external connections
  • 10 things you can do NOW to build networking competencies in your workforce
  • What are the core competencies of a business networking skill training program?
In a time when social networking on LinkedIn and other sites has captured most of the attention, presenter Lynne Waymon, CEO of Contacts Count, will show you why developing the face-to-face networking skills of your employees is still the key to getting out ahead of your competition.

The Harvard Business Review reports that employees bring three things to the job – IF they know how to cultivate and capitalize on a deep and wide network:
  1. Inside information that no one else has yet
  2. Access to diverse skill sets so they can more easily get the job done
  3. Power and influence since they know whom to call when they need a resource or have a problem
Business Networking: How the Well-Connected Employee Can Help Your Business will help you and your employees do all this AND MORE. Order today!


Pat DiDomenico
Editorial Director, Business Management Daily

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About the Speaker:

Lynne Waymon is the CEO of Contacts Count and the co-author of Make Your Contacts Count (AMACOM, 2nd edition). Contacts Count delivers keynotes and training programs for Fortune 500 companies that want to help their employees improve their internal and external professional networking skills and thereby positively impact the bottom line. With her partner and co-author, Anne Baber, Lynne has trained 13 Certified Presenters to deliver their programs nationwide. Companies also license their networking approach for use internally in leadership development, career development, diversity and orientation programs.
Credit Hours:

This recording has been approved for 1.25 credit hours toward PHR and SPHR recertification through the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI).

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  • HR professionals
  • Supervisors and managers
  • Executives
  • Business owners
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