Termination Pay: When to Pay It,
How to Pay It, and How to Tax It

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Termination Pay: When to Pay It, How to
Pay It, and How to Tax It
from Speaker Mindy Harada:


A bad ending can ruin a good movie.  In the same way, an employee’s exit from your company is the most dangerous time — from a legal AND tax perspective. 

More lawsuits and fines are triggered by termination mistakes than at any time during the employees’ tenure. And pay mistakes lead the way.

  • How quickly must you deliver that final paycheck? State laws vary: 14 days? 7 days? 72 hours?
  • What records should you retain for departing employees?
  • What are the rules on severance pay: Is it taxable for federal purposes?  How about for state? If severance is paid, can the employee receive unemployment benefits?
  • Is there a difference between providing wage continuation and lump sum severance? 
  • Can you deduct from an employee’s final paycheck to recoup for lost company equipment?  Can you deduct amounts owed to you by the employee?
Knowing answers to questions like these is essential to your HR and payroll compliance.

To find out if your termination pay practices are correct and compliant with federal and state employment tax regulations, listen to payroll expert Mindy Harada in Termination Pay: When to Pay It, How to Pay It, and How to Tax It.

Listen to this audio recording and discover:

  • How quickly you have to pay a terminated employee in order to comply with wage-and-hour rules.
  • How to handle important withholding issues.
  • Which records to keep (and which to toss) for terminated workers.
  • How to reduce your FICA and FUTA tax and employee withholding.
  • How to use Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Plans to cut your severance costs.
Mindy answers questions at the end of the audio recording. And because this is an audio recording, there is NO LIMIT to the number of people you can invite to listen in.

Termination pay is one of your most complex and confusing duties. Don’t go it alone … and don’t try to guess at the compliance rules. The risks are way too high. Make sure you have the information you need to make the right decisions and avoid expensive fines and lawsuits.


Pat DiDomenico
Editorial Director, HR Specialist

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About the Speaker:
Mindy HaradaMindy Harada is an employment tax specialist and the founder of OS Payroll, which provides HR and payroll-tax compliance services. Mindy previously served as the West Coast practice leader for the Employment Tax Practice at Deloitte Tax LLP and as an employment tax auditor for the state of California. She is a frequent presenter around the country on compensation and employment tax issues.
Credit Hours:
Listening to this event qualifies as 1.25 credit hours toward PHR and SPHR recertification through the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI).

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  • HR professionals
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  • Executives
  • Office managers
  • Business owners

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