Get Things Done and Control Your Day
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Get Things Done and Control Your Day

If you spend most of your day putting out fires and feeling like you never get done what you set out to accomplish, you’re not alone.

Admit it: You’re too busy for all that time-management jazz. You prioritize in your head, you’ve tried to block out appointments, but emergencies always throw everything off. Besides, you’re good at multitasking.

To help you take charge of your time, control the chaos and get more out of your day, Administrative Professional Today has teamed up with Office Dynamics to present Get Things Done and Control Your Day.

Many of our readers cite time management as their biggest day-to-day problem. So in this get-it-done-yesterday world, how do you truly get things done?

In Get Things Done and Control Your Day, Kathy Tosoian will show you how to go beyond time management to self management. Kathy will ensure that you aren’t just going in circles every day. And she’ll help you feel a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment at the end of your day by focusing on tasks of value.

In this 75-minute audio recording, Kathy will show you how to take control of your day, work smart, focus and be highly productive. You’ll discover:
  • Keys to successfully managing your workload
  • How to make productive choices in your work and personal life
  • Why time management is important
  • How to go from overloaded to organized
  • Mastering personal productivity
  • Shortcuts you can use every day
  • How to get technology to work for you, not against you

And because this is an audio recording, there is no limit to the number of colleagues you can invite to sit in. In just 75 minutes, you’ll increase productivity not just for yourself, but for EVERYONE in your office. We guarantee it (read on for details).

Purchase Get Things Done and Control Your Day now to learn the secrets to time management so you can increase your productivity, stay competitive and get more out of your life.


Mary Ellen Slayter
Editor, Administrative Professional Today

P.S. Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed. If you decide that Get Things Done and Control Your Day isn’t all we’ve promised and more, we will refund 100% of your purchase price – no hassles, no questions asked.

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About the Speaker:

Kathy TosoianKathy Tosoian is a Star Achievement Series Certified Trainer with Office Dynamics, specializing in time management, business etiquette, presentation skills and relationship building. Before joining Office Dynamics in 1997, Kathy was a Certified Instructor of the Dale Carnegie Course, joining the Ralph Nichols Corporation in 1993. She received a BA degree in Education from Michigan State University and an MS degree in Counseling from Oakland University.
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  • Administrative professionals
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