Navigating Adobe Photoshop
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Navigating Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is a powerful tool for improving your business presentations and graphics. But like so many software packages, most users – even Photoshop veterans – have only scratched the surface of what this photo manipulation tool can do.

To make sure you get the picture – and get the picture right – we’ve created Navigating Adobe Photoshop.

In this 75-minute audio recording, Photoshop users will discover how to improve photos right away! You'll learn the four critical parts of Photoshop’s interface and the secret to perfect photos every time. Do you know the four business photo-taking disasters, and how to avoid them? Let us show you.

First, you’ll discover how to take better pictures, so you won’t have to spend so much time improving them!

Then, we’ll reveal the best tools for fixing flaws and lighting problems. You’ll also learn the secrets of Save and how to choose between the various options based on how you plan to use the photo.
Listen and discover:
  • Four business photo-taking disasters and how to avoid them
  • What you need to know when publishing images of employees to stay out of hot water with your legal department
  • Two ways of finding and storing your photos to manage them better
  • The four critical parts of Photoshop’s interface
  • The secret to NEVER ruining your photos
  • The difference between brush tools and fill tools, and why you should care
  • How to see the smallest detail or the whole picture with one quick click
  • What you can do with selected parts of the photo
  • How to get rid of unwanted elements in a photo
  • How to avoid the Photoshop disaster even the pros make

Whether you have the full version of Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, this audio recording will help you transform your design projects into works of art – guaranteed. (See below for details.)

Navigating Adobe Photoshop will help you design with precision and create professional photos and graphics. Purchase this audio recording to find out how and take your graphic skills to the next level!


Alice Bumgarner
Editor, Administrative Professional Today

P.S. Your satisfaction is unconditionally guaranteed. If Navigating Adobe Photoshop fails to meet your needs, we will refund every penny you paid – no hassles, no questions asked.

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