Confessions of a Plaintiff's Attorney

Confessions of a Plaintiff’s Attorney:
Your Employee's Lawyer's Secrets Revealed
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From Speaker Whitney Warner:


What makes an employer a target for a lawsuit? 

There are certain practices and behaviors that practically BEG for a savvy plaintiff’s counsel to pounce on you.  From terminations to discipline … harassment to retaliation … record-keeping to evaluations … chances are, you’re doing things RIGHT NOW that have your employee’s (or your ex-employee’s) lawyer salivating. 

If you knew what these practices and behaviors were, you’d change them.  But how can you find out?  With an insightful CD called Confessions of a Plaintiff’s Attorney: Your Employee’s Lawyer’s Secrets Revealed.

Get Behind the Closed Doors of Your Opponent’s Boardroom

Confessions of a Plaintiff’s Attorney is a unique look at the things employers often do that leave them vulnerable to lawsuits.  And our speaker should know – she’s not only a top attorney, but she’s also an SPHR who’s worked in the HR trenches.

Plaintiff’s counsel Whitney Warner presents her standing-room-only speech from June’s SHRM conference for you … as you learn in the comfort of your office.  Warner will share the things employers do that slap a bull
s-eye on their backs, including:

  • Who in the company is the bad actor
  • What corrective actions are taken (or NOT taken)
  • The reason given for termination
  • The terminated employee’s performance evaluation
  • How the internal investigation is handled
  • Documentation (or lack thereof) of each step
  • Communications with the plaintiff and the entire organization
  • Answers in testimony and depositions
  • And more!

You could be in the cross hairs of your employee’s lawyer if you mess up on even ONE of these items.  But you’ve got to be squeaky-clean on ALL of them.  Confessions of a Plaintiff’s Attorney will show you how – at a fraction of what a lawsuit would cost you.

A CD Today Keeps the Lawyers Away

Warner will also share the things that employers can do RIGHT – frustrating plaintiffs lawyers.  She’ll tell you how to apply “lawyer repellent” to every facet of your HR operations – stopping lawsuits BEFORE they start.

Finally, she’ll explain why she’s revealing those secrets.  The answer may shock you!

Confession, they say, is good for the soul.  But Confessions of a Plaintiff’s Attorney will be good for your bottom line.  Order today!


Pat DiDomenico
Editorial Director, HR Specialist

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About the Speaker:
Whitney Warner is a founding partner with the labor and employment law firm of Moody & Warner, P.C., representing employers and employees. Her practice is devoted to employment and labor law and includes advice and litigation in the areas of class actions, discrimination, harassment, labor relations, wage and hour issues, EEOC/HRD charges, wrongful termination, and other employment-related matters.  Warner was previously a human resources generalist and is SPHR certified. She serves on the SHRM Labor Relations Special Expertise Panel, and has been recognized by “Chambers USA – America’s Leading Lawyers for Business” each year since 2005 as a leader in employment law.

Credit Hours:
This event has been approved for 1.25 credit hours toward PHR and SPHR recertification through the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI).

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  • Executives
  • HR professionals
  • Supervisors and managers
  • Business owners

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