Managing to Stay Out of Court
How to Avoid the 8 Deadly Sins of Mismanagement
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“So much of what we call management consists in making it difficult for people to work.”
– Peter Drucker

Dear Professional:

Employment lawsuits have skyrocketed in the past decade – and today’s layoffs and tough economy will only make things worse. The No. 1 cause? Simple communication mistakes made by supervisors — mistakes often triggered by supervisors’ avoidance of difficult situations.

Managing to Stay Out of Court is a wakeup call for busy executives like me, who fall prey to the ‘instinct to avoid.’ It gave me a practical roadmap for proactive management.” – Monica Whalen, CEO, The Employers Council, Salt Lake City

In just 75 minutes, teach your managers how to become stronger leaders AND prevent those costly legal mistakes. In this fast-paced and entertaining CD, author/attorney Jathan Janove offers concrete steps for improved managerial effectiveness.

Jathan will describe the 8 most common management pitfalls (The 8 Deadly Sins), such as lack of accountability … poor listening skills …avoidance … and more. Plus, you’ll discover how to avoid each one (The 8 Virtues).

Real-life examples and memorable stories illustrate each Sin and each Virtue.

You’ll find out how to transfer these workplace-tested techniques directly into powerful results at work.

“In eight simple principles, Jathan Janove has captured the big secret to avoiding most employment litigation and increasing your company's chances of winning the unavoidable claim.” – Paul Prather, employment trial lawyer, Kiesewetter Wise

You’ll learn how to:
 • “Avoid avoidance”
 • Use the D-I-S method of communication
   (Direct, Immediate, Specific);
• Coach and mentor employees correctly
   while maintaining expectations and
• Apply effective listening techniques;
• Connect employee performance to the
   organization’s big picture.

Employers and employees will always have their differences. But Managing to Stay Out of Court: How to Avoid the 8 Deadly Sins of Mismanagement will teach the right kind of people-centered management that resolves conflicts through communication, rather than litigation.

This CD is based on Jathan’s book of the same name, described by The Library Journal as “an extraordinarily useful book that will benefit managers and workers. Strongly recommended for all business collections.” 

“Leaders come away from the session with simple, time-proven skills which they can immediately implement. The best endorsement I can give is that I have used Jathan with three different companies over sixteen years.” – Max Neves, VP of HR, 1-800 CONTACTS, Inc.

Never again will your managers be afraid to do their jobs for fear of getting sued. Managing to Stay Out of Court: How to Avoid the 8 Deadly Sins of Mismanagement will empower them to roll up their sleeves … deal with their staffs’ pain points (and their own) … and actually MANAGE. Buy your CD now!


Pat DiDomenico
Editorial Director, HR Specialist

P.S. Some CDs teach effective management. Others teach how to avoid employment lawsuits. Finally, here’s one that combines both – explaining how supervisors can become more successful managers while helping keep the organization out of court. Buy your copy today!


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Jathan Janove uses story-telling, humor and more than 25 years of experience as an employment attorney to provide training that creates productive employer-employee relationships and helps prevent employment-based legal claims. He is the author of Managing to Stay Out of Court: How to Avoid the 8 Deadly Sins of Mismanagement (2005) and the author of The Star Profile: A Management Tool to Unleash Employee Potential (2008) which Soundview Executive recently described as “a kinder, gentler view of managing employees, even delving into the value of CEOs and supervisors creating their own star profiles in order to bring themselves more in line with the company’s needs and vision.”
Finally, Jathan has been acclaimed by HR and business groups throughout the United States for going beyond traditional HR theory to provide new ways to approach employment issues. For years, Jathan has been a popular speaker at the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) Annual Conference, and he is a member of the National Speakers Association (NSA). Jathan is a partner in the employment law and litigation groups of Ater Wynne LLP in Portland, Oregon and Salt Lake City, Utah.
Credit Hours:
Listening to this event qualifies as 1.25 credit hours toward PHR and SPHR recertification through the Human Resource Certification Institute (HRCI).
Who Should Listen:
 • Executives
 • HR professionals
 • Supervisors and managers
 • Business owners
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