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Are you paying too much to the IRS?

Unbelievable as it may sound, new IRS rules now offer owners and managers of closely held businesses tax savings so large they may seem incredible. So great is the surprise tax windfall, in fact, that your tax savings could actually equal your main source of income.

Indeed, it’s not at all unusual for owners/managers to double or triple their real income through the tax breaks now available!

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Dear Colleague,

It’s official: Small business owners and managers can now use dozens of new tax-cutting tools that can double their net personal income in the coming tax year.

This is no accident. Government officials who are advocates for small business intend this to happen. And you have every right to take the money without apology.

The result can be to double your real income next year – at least.

The tax savings extended to you are the government’s way of encouraging “the entrepreneurial spirit” in the United States. Tax breaks for owners and managers of closely held businesses are now at “center stage” in federal plans to boost the economy.

To celebrate this good news for small businesses, we've gathered all the best tax strategies into one concise, plain-English guide – Surprise Tax Windfall.

By staking your claim now, without delay, you can take your share of the tax-saving windfall – starting this year.

You can:
  • Stay in a low tax bracket, regardless of how much you make
  • Use the “Family Device” to cut taxes
  • Find out how a $51 gift can save you hundreds in taxes
  • Maximize the tax benefits of hiring relatives
  • Discover which old-reliable tax shelters still work and which bring audits
  • Lease appreciating assets to your company
  • Qualify for the tax strategy that doubles or triples your retirement benefits
  • Unleash the inside strategies of the marital deduction
  • Set up “Private Arrangements” – between you and you – that pay big rewards
  • Get a quality education for yourself or a loved one when you take the IRS to school
  • Use an Employee Stock Ownership Plan to sell your business tax free
Use your money to finance your lifestyle
checkbox Yes! I want to use the practical, 100-percent-legal strategies in Surprise Tax Windfall to enhance my personal wealth, shift my income and distribute my assets to reduce my tax liability now and in the years to come.
I want more money in my pocket now
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To see exactly how you’ll start the money flowing your way, take a look at Surprise Tax Windfall’s table of contents:
1. Begin with the best tax-free devices                                    
    Keep good records                                                   
    Make taxes disappear when you sell your house                       
    Fund retirement plans to the max                                    
    Take advantage of bigger retirement account contribution limits     
    Disinherit Uncle Sam                                                
    Find the tax shelters that still work                               
    Make the most of tax-free investment income                         
    Play tax-bracket arbitrage                                          
    Build wealth with this family device                             
    Light a fire under your accountant
2. Take every deduction to which you're entitled 
    Deduct your hobby expenses                                         
    How to write off your home computer                                
    How a $51 gift can save you hundreds in taxes                      
    Pay less than half the support, claim the deduction anyway         
    Deduct medical expenses                                            
    Don’t be afraid to take home-office deductions                     
    Turn a nondeductible allowance into deductible wages               
    Get a triple tax break by hiring your kids                         
    How to keep your business ‘all in the family’                      
    Tax-free cars for your whole family                                
    Big deductions for ‘heavy’ sport utility vehicles, pickups, vans
3. Strategies for business owners                                          
    Choosing the best form of business organization                    
    Build wealth by not incorporating                                  
    Cut your taxes with an S corporation                               
    Use an S corporation to cut Social Security and Medicare taxes     
    Increase liquidity and save taxes with a buy-sell agreement        
    Make tax-wise loans to your business                               
    Lease appreciating assets to your company                          
    Sell your business via a tax-free ‘reorg’                          
    Sell out tax-free to an ESOP                                       
    Tax-free education for you and your family                         
    Big deductions for donations of computer technology and equipment  
    Savor extra helpings of tax breaks on employee meals             
    Tap into major tax savings from first-year depreciation breaks
4. Build up tax-sheltered wealth with retirement plans
    Here’s a simple way to double retirement accumulation           
    How to take money out of qualified plans                        
    SIMPLE retirement plans                                         
    Take advantage of improved IRA rules                            
    Comparing Roth and regular IRAs                                 
    Max out tax savings with defined contribution plan 

And that’s just the beginning of the wealth-growing strategies …
Use your money to finance your lifestyle
checkbox Yes! I want to use the practical, 100-percent-legal strategies in Surprise Tax Windfall to enhance my personal wealth, shift my income and distribute my assets to reduce my tax liability now and in the years to come.
I want more money in my pocket now
We respect your privacy.
As your financial picture brightens, you’ll be ready to take advantage of:
5. Tax-wise estate planning
    Sidestep confiscatory estate taxes                              
    Live long enough to take advantage of upcoming changes          
    When you gain by giving                                         
    Avoid or defer taxes with the unlimited marital deduction       
    Use a QTIP to keep control                                      
    Simple tricks of the trade for gifts                           
    Avoid estate tax on life insurance coverage                     
    Use second-to-die life insurance to cover your estate taxes     
    The dangers of joint ownership                                  
    Reduce estate taxes, but keep control of your assets            
    Set up a qualified personal residence trust
6. Tax-wise investing                                                 
    Take advantage of 15% rate on dividends                  
    Some dividends not eligible for rate cut                        
    Updated strategies for dividend-paying assets                   
    Pay only 15% on long-term capital gains                  
    Some gains don’t qualify for 15% rate                    
    Updated strategies for capital gain assets                      
    Place optimal assets in retirement and taxable accounts         
    Variable annuities are now damaged goods                        
    Personal residences still look good                             
    Coverdell Education Savings Accounts                            
    Build up college savings tax-free with Section 529 plans        
    Custodial accounts for college versus 529 plans                    
    Give securities to your child to finance college                
    Write yourself a check each December
7. Getting real value from real estate 
    Should you own or rent your business premises?                  
    How a ‘private arrangement’ can slash your taxes                
    Shelter up to $25,000 per year                                
    IRS rules ensure tax-deferred real estate exchanges
8. Get more mileage from T&E deductions
    Your company can pay for your travel and entertainment        
    Maximize write-offs for mixing business with pleasure         
    Wrap personal days around business travel (or vice versa)     
    Have Uncle Sam foot the bill with Saturday night stay-over    
    Travel expenses for spouse or companion                       
    Who can be entertained—and written off                        
    When entertainment is deductible                              
    Back up your travel and entertainment deductions
9. Fine points                                                      
    Charitable remainder trusts are supershelters                
    Beat the IRS in divorce situations                            
    A clean buy-sell can avert a showdown with the IRS            
    Hire independent contractors, not employees                   
    Drill for deep shelter in oil and gas                         
    Increase your retirement shelter with a defined-benefit plan  
    Raise your sights to get richer                               
    Make your deductions stand up to IRS scrutiny                 
    How to use a Roth IRA for estate planning                     

Think of how you’ll use the extra money in the months and years to come … a more comfortable home in a more secure neighborhood … a vehicle that you drive just because you like the way it handles … imagine saying “yes” to more fun things in life because you know you’re financially secure!

Within the current economic uncertainty lies real opportunity –  the time is now to leverage the unique relationship between personal and business taxes. Order your copy of Surprise Tax Windfall today!


Phillip A. Ash
Use your money to finance your lifestyle
checkbox Yes! I want to use the practical, 100-percent-legal strategies in Surprise Tax Windfall to enhance my personal wealth, shift my income and distribute my assets to reduce my tax liability now and in the years to come.
I want more money in my pocket now
We respect your privacy. /span>
P.S.  Remember, there's absolutely no risk. If you don't quickly see how to shift money from the IRS's pocket to your own, we'll refund your entire purchase price – no questions asked – and you'll have no further obligation.
P.P.S.  Don't keep writing those big checks to the IRS! Small-business advocates in Washington worked hard to get you – America’s entrepreneurs – the kind of financial rewards the big guys enjoy. So start building your bank accounts now ... with your personal copy of Surprise Tax Windfall!