Records Retention

You need record retention guidelines – from organizing personnel files and electronic records retention policies to control document management and more.

Business Management Daily provides personnel records retention guidelines, helping you to improve your hard-copy and electronic record retention.

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Learn to identify the information and documents that benefit your company.
Don't forget the box ... Only keep the last three performance appraisals ... Positive reinforcement
The Oklahoma Department of Corrections is in the process of converting more than 400,000 paper files, microfilm and X-rays to digital files with the help of inmates.
If you're paying employees to create, file and organize paper records, you’re likely wasting valuable resources and money.
Although most documents are created, maintained, and used electronically, many organizations still send files to off-site facilities for long-term storage.
Con artists and hackers aren’t the only threats to your customers’ credit card numbers, Social Security numbers and other financial data. It’s easy, and tempting, for employees to access customer data that you keep.
A company’s privacy program needs a strong foundation.
When faced with managing large volumes of paper documents, it’s only natural to think about scanning as a solution.
Employees recording; fire protection; locked flash drives

Employees who quit aren’t eligible for unemployment compensation in Ohio. Yet the same employee who impetuously announces he’s had enough and won’t be back just might file for benefits anyway ...

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