We’re wide awake and worrying about work

Sleepless nights caused by work anxiety are taking a heavy toll on employees. According to new research from global staffing firm Accountemps, 44% of professionals often lose sleep over work. Common causes of restlessness include an overwhelming workload, difficult co-worker relationships and fear of being terminated.

Workers were asked, “How often do you lose sleep over work?” Their responses:

How often do you lose sleep over work?

Among those who lose sleep over work, the following were cited as the root causes:

Root causes

Some additional findings from the survey:

  • Professionals in Miami, Nashville and New York most often lose sleep over work-related issues.
  • Cleveland, Philadelphia and Minneapolis have the highest percentage of respondents who cited they never miss out on rest.
  • Professionals age 18 to 34 more often lose sleep over work (57%) compared to those age 35 to 54 (45%) and 55 and older (29%).
  • 50% of men say they lie awake often, while only 40% of women do.