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The Business of Business Finance

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Access to small business loans will likely continue to be difficult in 2011.
How can technology make us better people?
Bankers complain of “unprecedented levels of toughness” from regulators and we should not expect bank examiners to relax their requirements any time soon. 
Ego in the early growth stages of your business is critical, at some point, an entrepreneur is well served to rely more on evidence.
Another form of “good buyer” meets the first set of criteria, but chooses to focus on the value they create during the transaction, not after.
Small Business Jobs and Credit Act's passage combined with record low interest rates has small business experts anticipating a huge increase in Q4 lending.
Fortunately, like most things in business, there seems to be a proven process that new franchisees will follow to become a successful national franchise.
We don’t like to talk about it, but our economy is weak, getting weaker and ultimately heading for life support.
I’ve seen many potential deals like this die in the legal department because companies are worried about making a long term commitment to people they do not know and with terms they are unsure of.  The solution is a “venture test”.
Our career politicians treat regulation, taxation and business assistance programs as political chips to be used as bargaining tokens for their petty reelection campaigns.
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