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Word Tips

All of us use Microsoft Word every day. But do you really know all of the amazing features lurking just beneath the surface? Business Management Daily does.

Our team of Microsoft Office experts and skilled trainers will share Word tips that allow to create documents practically suitable for framing!

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Tips for resizing fonts and navigating Word.

If you get Microsoft Word from your Office 365 subscription, you may have noticed a few new items and wondered what they are. Some of these features are so new that they may not yet appear for your particular subscription to Office 2016, but they will soon! Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Three questions about names on flags, show/not showing edits and track changes.

A few tips to help you work better with Word.
Protecting fonts and page breaks in shared documents.
A few tips to help you work better in Word.
Here are three tips to save you time and pain from all that clicking and dragging.
Paragraph flow ... Printer order ... Auto-populating text
Keeping minutes; find/replace; formatting
Word has two strategies you can use to create composite documents from subdocuments. A subdocument is just a Word document that will eventually become part of a larger Word document.

Q.  What is the best way to let people know about an update to a list or library?

When I send documents to people, they turn track changes off. What can I do to prevent this? Since Word can edit pdfs now, what can I do to prevent changes to my Word doc when I send it to someone?
Some people simply don’t like Tracked changes for proofreading a document. What's the workaround?
When working on a big Word document, sometimes it’s necessary to reference something earlier in the document as you create content several pages down. You can use two methods.
Could you use one or two dozen hours returned to you? Most people would. If you use Microsoft Word a great deal, there are opportunities to do things much faster and more accurately. Here are three ways to save time and be more accurate.
For most documents internal to the organization, standard bullet points will suffice. However, for customer-facing documents, advertising material and newsletters, you might want a little more pizazz.
You know that you can create tables in Word. And you know that you can add formulas and sort data in Excel. But did you know that you can add formulas and sort in Word tables?
Microsoft Certified Trainer Melissa Esquibel takes to the Help Desk to respond to reader questions about MS Word.
Quickly toggle Track Changes on and off using Ctrl+Shift+E ... Try Ctrl+Backspace to delete faster ... Use Ctrl+Tab to tab within a cell.
If your reports require special notation like footnotes, captions, cross-references and indexes, you’ll want to become familiar with the References tab in Word.
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