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Web Tools

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Here are three of the top sites that will help you find the specialized skills you need for that one-off job or occasional task.
Across all industries and companies of all sizes, content marketing is proving to be both cheaper and more successful than traditional outbound marketing. The problem, however, is that with so many businesses doing it, it can be difficult to differentiate yourself.
Those who are accustomed to Outlook’s robust features may be a little grumpy when switching to Gmail. Here are some noteworthy points and coping strategies.
Texting is replacing phone calls, voicemails and emails. In order to create a record of your texts and clear up memory on your phone, it is best to save your text messages from your mobile device to your computer (or other location) as a backup.
Here are the four biggest mistakes by social media marketers in search engine optimization, and how to avoid them.
Technically speaking, what’s new? Michael Solomon reported on his Top 10 Tech Blogs in The Huffington Post. We like these!
There’s another hole you need to close up against hackers: app permissions. If you’ve logged into a service using your Facebook, Twitter or Google account instead of creating a new profile, you could be vulnerable.
It’s easy to just keep shoveling files to Google Drive, but there are many organizational tools to help you store and find your files more easily.
Employees spend an average of 13 hours a week reading and responding to email, according to The McKinsey Global Institute. Luckily technology can alleviate some of the burden.
As a Mac Office user, you might sometimes feel a little abandoned. Most Microsoft help and learning resources are designed for the PC user. Take heart! There are great resources for you, too!
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