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Web Tools

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Learn these 7 tools, terms and tips to make sure your site visitors get a great experience no matter what type of device they’re using.
When you’re crafting a large document, switching around to different windows to apply content you’ve already collected or new research and images from the web can be cumbersome and frustrating. Using the Explore panel in the Google Docs app can make this process much simpler.
Work smarter when you use Google Docs. Here are some hacks that can save you time and frustration.
Storing logins and passwords ... Protecting your home network ... Moving emails from one computer to another
If you’re lucky enough to be in a G Suite shop, you can create Google Groups. A Group is like a hub where a team can keep track of their discussions.
What’s bugging you? Where do you look for the truth about cyberthreats?
Spent any time Googling how to sort your email messages in Gmail? Pretty frustrating, right? Here are several ways to find the needles in the Gmail haystack.
The job search landscape has changed. So, where do you look for your next job? And, where will you find the most qualified candidates?
The whole purpose of a content and social media strategy is to bring attention to your website. You can’t do that if you aren’t applying a solid SEO strategy. Guy Sheetrit, SEO expert and CEO at Over the Top SEO, recommends these Wordpress plugins to make that task easier—and the outcome more successful.
Do you have the responsibility to impart knowledge to your co-workers? Would you like an easy way to do it? Try Google’s Classroom app.
Since you may be getting email from a few different services, it’s good to have an app that will handle multiple inboxes and multiple service brands.
With hackers using microscopic pinholes to poach your information, privacy is more important than ever. Consider a private search engine.
From the simplest checklists to a task list with subtasks and sub-subtasks and sub-sub subtasks and, well, you get the idea, Tasks in Google might be about the easiest thing to use to wrangle your “to dos.”
The alphabet soup of mobile technology has grown a bit. You might know what AI stands for, but do you know about AR (not accounts receivable)? Get ready for some new alphabet soup.
Increased workloads … tighter deadlines … fewer resources. All of these have conspired to put a premium on employees’ ability to remain focused on the details of their jobs. Here are five free or low-cost sources designed to measure and improve attention to detail.
Kanban is a Japanese system of moving cards onto different boards as a task or deliverable moves through a process. A work-planning tool like this allows you to effectively visualize tasks in categories or “buckets.” Give these free tools for process planning and management a try.

Some smaller organizations confuse the use of the free online apps as “choosing” an enterprise solution. Here are 2 reasons why it’s not the best choice, and what you can do about it.

Sometimes there’s nothing less mobile than trying to complete a bank transfer in international funds. With domestic payment processes moving to the small device platform, international payments weren’t going to be far behind. Here’s how three popular ones stack up against each other.

Reviews.com has ranked these among their top players in online air travel booking sites.

LinkedIn can be invaluable when it comes to building connections that could grow your business, further your career and more. However, if you abuse the platform, you will lose connections. Avoid these mistakes.

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