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Office software

Office software goes far beyond word processing and spreadsheets. Make sure you’re developing the technology skills your office needs to succeed.

From Google tips and web document management to web meetings and more, Business Management Daily tells you what’s new, and whether it’s worth the investment.

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Storing logins and passwords ... Protecting your home network ... Moving emails from one computer to another
You might be wondering whether it’s a good idea to leave the location services on your smart phone turned on. Well, like the whole bargain we make for the convenience of carrying smart devices around, there’s a price for the privilege.
Business users, every day, find a cool app that does something nifty, then try to integrate it into their work processes. While it’s great that you are collecting data, what data is being collected by the developers or hosting platform for the app?
Q. I have infographics to create for a project. Is Visio my best option?
Q. I’m being told to learn Microsoft Publisher to produce our company newsletter. Why couldn’t I use Word?
Yes, it’s true, the battle is still raging. You’ll hear vehement pros and cons that seem to make the choice of the “other” technology nothing short of insane. So what is true, and what is hype?
You’ve no doubt noticed that the push is upward to the cloud, not downward to the device. Rather than primarily being a box to hold all your tools and materials, it is becoming more a portal that opens to those things wherever they happen to reside.
Although SharePoint was intended to be managed at the subsite level by administrators from operational areas of an organization, without a bit of understanding of the architecture, things can get ugly, fast!

Bring Your Own Device is becoming more and more popular as a solution for providing devices for employees to work on. However, each type of device comes with its own problems and security issues.

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With both productivity software behemoths offering free online productivity software for documents and presentations, and with both offering free shareable cloud storage, the arguments are down to what you need and what you like to use.
The iPhone is well known for both its fast processing and, unfortunately, short battery life that forces you to search for a charger halfway through the day. Here are three hidden tricks to extend the life of your iPhone battery.
As a Mac Office user, you might sometimes feel a little abandoned. Most Microsoft help and learning resources are designed for the PC user. Take heart! There are great resources for you, too!
If you’re already a OneNote fan, you know this Microsoft app is versatile and mobile. Whether you’re a veteran or a newbie on this tool, for travel, it can be your best friend.
New OneNote notebooks ... The difference between Name and Title
By creating custom columns, we make it easy to locate documents quickly and in any arrangement that makes sense for a particular use.
Here are four things you can do to have your device humming again.
Password protection trouble ... Protecting and sharing ... Page-level security
Workplace learning is undergoing a significant change, and technologies such as virtual reality and 3D are at the heart of this.
When installing the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, learn how to navigate the configuration screens that establish your system preferences.
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