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Microsoft Office Training

Business Management Daily provides extensive Microsoft Office help, from Access tips to Microsoft Office templates and much more.

Be sure you’re getting the most out of your office technology investment. Our Microsoft Office tips will make you more efficient, more valuable AND even more marketable!

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What’s the difference between syncing from a SharePoint library and viewing in Explorer? ... We currently use shared Calendar and Task Folders to manage projects. Can we do this in SharePoint?
Do you find that some things, like Connecting to Outlook, or viewing a library in Explorer are grayed out? Maybe it’s your browser.

Three questions about names on flags, show/not showing edits and track changes.

Three ways to work faster in OneNote.

Updating lists outside SharePoint ... Thumbnail view of documents ... Quick edit text conundrum

A few tips to help you keep windows and screenshots organized in Windows 10.

Many organizations choose SharePoint to manage documents. But, there are more ways to make that “everything in one place” idea work for your teams. Here are three that will help your team start working like a well-oiled machine.
Versioning ... Moving files ... New look for OneDrive
Many improvements have been made recently that make getting files up to OneDrive, and sharing them with co-workers and collaborators, easier than ever.
List and library settings ... SharePoint Online ribbon ... Creating a template from a list or library
Some shortcuts work the same across many Office applications, including OneNote.
When you copy Excel data and try to paste it into a Word table, you may be unpleasantly surprised with the results.
Create your template, first in Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Then from the Site settings menu, add the Content Type...

Over the past few years, Microsoft has tried to help us resolve our internal organizational struggles over Tracked Changes by offering different default flavors, features and fail safe plans.

Remembering the basics
Keeping minutes; find/replace; formatting
If you do it right, a well-designed Slide Master can save you loads of time making small changes to individual slides.
Some people choose Windows 10 and others have Windows 10 thrust upon them. Microsoft has taken many pains to guide you to upgrading your PCs to Windows 10.

OneNote is a great tool for organizing content. Some­­times, you need just one more level of grouping to make OneNote the ideal solution.

Permissions can become confusing in SharePoint. A few basic principles help clear the mist a little. The more complex you allow your permissions structure to become, the less secure and, ultimately, the bigger nightmare it is to administer.
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