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Excel Training

Our Microsoft Excel training helps you learn Microsoft Excel and the many Microsoft Excel tips available.

With our Microsoft Excel help, you’ll unlock the power of this resource, and learn excel from the bottom up. Benefit from the Excel tips provided by Business Management Daily’s team of experts.

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Tips for keyboard navigation, autofilling, creating duplicate worksheets, sizing and selecting data.
Control formatting by others ... Is that data validation?

Sometimes formatting takes over. Other times it seems to slip away when you need it! Try these quick fixes for date and time data.

One way to present more information concisely is to add some interactive features, allowing the reader to dice, slice and customize what is being reported. Here are three tools that can do just that if you use pivot tables and pivot charts in building dashboards.

Three questions on Excel errors.
A few tips to help you work better with Excel.
Wait! Don’t run away! I know those terms—formulas with pivot table data—can seem intimidating to some, but hang in there a moment while we cover what we’re really doing there.
Cursor to the right ... Resetting error triangles ... Missing Autofill Options box
Q. I need to prorate mileage over the number of days an employee was accident free. What would that formula look like?
Q. Sometimes I click in cells and a dropdown arrow appears. I can only type in or select one of those. How do I get rid of that?
A few tips to help you work better in Excel.
Once you know how Excel works with dates, there’s so much your data can tell you!
Two tricky functions, two solutions before they drive you nuts.

If you’re still using Office 2007 or 2010, and you are a frequent Excel user, it might be time to consider the newer versions. Here are some of the newest features and how they can save you time.

Keeping minutes; find/replace; formatting
Changing cases, VLOOKUP isses
There are many good reasons to reverse engineer an Excel workbook. Let’s take a look at how to decode the structure of a workbook. Then, we’ll see how to demystify tricky formulas. Finally, we’ll take a peek at how to reveal workbook linkage to other workbooks.
When your VlookUp formula doesn’t find the item you can see with your own eyes, it may be that the data have leading, trailing or extra spaces.
Duplicate data in Excel can throw a monkey wrench into your information processing works. Here are three solutions for handling it.
Switch between your active Excel windows, or minimize and maximize, more easily with these shortcuts.
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