House approves comp time instead of OT pay

  • May 04, 2017

The House of Representatives on May 2 voted to allow most employers to offer compensatory time off in lieu of overtime pay when nonexempt employees work more than 40...

Is comp time in lieu of overtime legal?

  • September 01, 2016

Q. We have a team of nonexempt hourly employees who will soon be putting in significant overtime for an important project. May we compensate them for their overtime work...

Overtime mistakes your managers must avoid

  • August 30, 2016

Starting Dec. 1, new DOL rules take effect that nearly double the salary threshold at which most salaried workers become exempt from having to be paid overtime.

Overtime: Steer clear of the comp time trap

  • August 28, 2016

Awarding comp time for extra hours worked is a common strategy that can backfire. The Fair Labor Standards Act lays out strict rules for what basis can be used for...