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Business Management

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It’s trendy today to say that traditional marketing doesn’t work anymore. The “new marketing” gurus tell us that, instead of “marketing speak” (traditional sales materials), we should use one of two things to do our selling. But … isn’t there some point where you have to leave the cozy world of publishing free content and chatting — and actually get down to some selling?

Professionals vs. Amateurs

by on February 23, 2010 2:30pm
in Business Management

Novelist Ian McEwan doesn’t like the fact that you can post your opinion of his books on “I don’t have much time for the kind of site where readers do all the reviewing,” says McEwan in an interview with Time magazine (6/18/07, p. 6).
The voice-over in a recent KFC commercial for their thighs and drumstick bucket says the chicken now contains “less” transfat. Less than what? Less doesn’t mean anything unless you say what it has less fat than.

Content vs. Branding

by on February 16, 2010 2:30pm
in Business Management

My colleagues Michael Stelzner and David Scott Meerman are, like me, advocates of marketing with content. But a recent article suggests that our approach is all wrong.
The hidden danger in political advertising centered on a candidate’s ideology is that voters will misinterpret it, disagree with it, or both.
The cover story in this month’s issue of Training & Development magazine is “Metrics and Measurement: Do They Matter?” The article argues in favor of measuring success in sales training and performance … vs. (I would guess) NOT measuring it. The fact that the headline is phrased as a question implies that there are people who are AGAINST measuring the results generated through sales training.
After nearly 3 decades in marketing, I’ve come to the conclusion that the easiest job in marketing is market research.

Starbucks and Internet Piracy

by on January 28, 2010 2:30pm
in Business Management

A woman on a talk radio show admitted to stealing sugar packets from her local Starbucks. But she expressed no shame. Indeed, she felt the theft was justified by the outrageous prices Starbucks charges for a cup of coffee, calling her pilfering a “condiment subsidy.”
I am obsessed with not wasting time and being as productive as I can. After all, my income is directly linked to my ability to produce quality work at a rapid rate.
My theory has long been that the replacement of the telephone and face-to-face meetings by e-mail has increased the average American’s writing skills considerably, especially in business. But journalist Janet Malcolm thinks just the opposite is true.
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