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Ask the Attorney: Dress codes, PTO payout and no-call, no-show

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Nancy Delogu

by on
in Centerpiece,Employment Law,Human Resources

Nancy Delogu of Littler Mendelson, the nation’s largest employment law firm, tackles what you can and cannot tell employees to wear, PTO payout revisions and how to terminate a no-call, no-show employee.

Can we require women to wear a bra?

Q: “Can we require women to wear a bra?” – Marcia, Ohio

A: No, but you can require all employees to dress appropriately. Dress codes are less common than they were before “business casual” became common parlance, but most employers still set minimum standards that may focus on workplace safety (for example, closed shoes, hair restrained), professionalism (no sleeveless shirts, no visible cleavage, business suits!), or service goals (matching shirts).

In any workplace, if someone’s clothing is translucent, or cut too low to be office-appropriate, you can certainly ask that person to go home and change. You’ll note that such a standard is also gender-neutral, which helps ...(register to read more)

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