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Corner office career advice: Business rivals, work-life balance, mediation and more

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in Centerpiece,Leaders & Managers,Leadership Skills

In this list of career advice from the corner office, our corporate veteran gives the anonymous, but honest, truth about business rivals (friend or foe?), how to balance work and life, and so much more. 

Don’t make ‘rival’ a dirty word

Q. I just took over a small company and am considering befriending the main business rival in our area. In general, do you think that “keep your enemies close” game is worth playing?

A. Yes—if it’s a real friendship you’re after. When I’ve dropped the sneaky, duplicitous angle in the past and instead opened an actual line of communication to competitors, it’s resulted in all of us learning more and doing better. We’ve even made a game of our head-to-head wranglings, staying honest and above board about everything. And the connections have proven extremely valuable. The first contact, I can tell you, is critical. Share something personal, maybe even give them a tip and...(register to read more)

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