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Overtime labor law: Fire if manager falsifies employee hours worked

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in Centerpiece,Human Resources,Overtime Labor Laws

Nonexempt employees must be paid for all hours they work. Time clocks and other time-tracking systems are designed to ensure workers receive all the pay they are entitled to.

Manipulating those systems can easily lead to huge back-pay awards, which are then doubled as punishment for not paying properly.

Sometimes, the way employers reward managers contributes to wage-and-hour liability. If managers must keep labor costs to a minimum in order to receive bonuses, they may be tempted to falsify time records. Don’t let that happen.

If it does, you are justified in firing the manager.

Recent case: Isis was in charge of the housekeeping crew at a Minneapolis hotel. The hotel fired her after an internal wage-and-hour investigation revealed that the housekeeping department had been rounding down employee hours.

The hotel said it fired Isis because she cheated employees out of pay so she could receive a bigger annual bonus. Sh...(register to read more)

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